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The tastiest recipes start in the garden

Just like in the olden days, the herbs and culinary plants of the garden are important elements in our cuisine. In order to give you genuine taste sensations, we only use the best natural ingredients from carefully chosen producers in our region. Our goal is to always use the best of what the season has to offer. We quite simply long for the good old days, when food tasted as it should do and when the herb garden represented the best of the best in terms of flavour. We obviously find the environmental aspect just as important. On the menu, you will find eco-friendly fish, KRAV-labelled meat (Swedish equivalent to SOIL association in the UK) and locally grown vegetables to name but a few.

Take your pick from a varied menu all year around. We start our day with an abundant breakfast buffet and depending on the season you can also enjoy rich autumnal menus full of flavour, BBQ buffets and classic Christmas meals. Nor are we lacking knowledgeable staff and a supply of great tasting beverages. Our members of staff will happily help you find the perfect beverage to complement your meal.

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